How to Take Better Pictures – The Best Tip

How to Improve your Photography

So, you’ve been improving your photography skills for some time now. Maybe a few months, maybe a year. But now it seems you’ve hit a plateau. You feel lacking the inspiration to make new and cooler photos. If this is you, read along as I will tell you one quick tip that will bring you a breakthrough and will help you improve your photography.

Now, stop reading this article and pick up your camera and come back here. You’ve done that? Good. You may have a Nikon, or a Canon, or Sony, or whatever, it doesn’t really matter. Look at the lens you have on your camera. If you are here, most likely you have a kit lens or an all-around 18-1xx mm lens.

The one thing that stands in the way of your progress is the great freedom your lens is giving you. You can shot a landscape, if you go to 18mm, you can shot a portrait if you go to 55mm, you can do everything. And this is the very thing that is working against you.

For the change, I challenge you to do one thing. If you have a prime lens, mount it on your DSLR or mirrorless camera. If you don’t, just chose a certain focal distance on your zoom lens – let’s say 35mm – and stick with that. Now, for the following 30 days you are going to take photos only using that certain focal distance (or prime lens).

What will you notice?

You’ll start seeing yourself as getting more creative with your shots. Now that you have a limit imposed, you will have to be more thoughtful when it comes to how you are going to compose your photos. This will get you outside of your comfort zone and force you to think about the process of taking photos in a different way. You’ll get to know your lens better.

You also are going to use your feet more. No longer will you use the zoom on your lens to get a close up, but you will use your feet more. This very thing will help you improve your discipline when it comes to taking photos (and maybe some other areas of your life too).

Most importantly, your photography will get better. And you will break the plateau. You’ll finally have your breakthrough! Also, you will learn how good a lens is if you have one.

Improve your photography

Where to next?

Now that you’ve went through this, where should you go next? Pick another focal length. Pick 55mm, pick 18mm, pick 25mm, pick 85mm. It doesn’t matter. Just pick another focal length and stick with that for another 30 day. Then pick another and stick for another 30 days. After 3 months you will be able to see a noticeable difference in your photos. You could document this experiment and after it will be finished, you’ll be able to see how much you will have gone through.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your camera, chose a focal length and start shooting. If you are going to try this, come back after one month and write in the comment section how this experiment helped you improve your photography game.

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