How do you get clear crisp photos?

It happened to all of us. We got to an awesome composition, we got the ideal exposure and the once in a lifetime shot opportunity. We press the shutter. We are excited to look at the photo preview. But what we see disappoints us. The photo is blurry. 

I know the feeling and I am sure you know it as well. 

In those moments we may think that we missed the focus. It may be, but more often than not, we did not. 

Something else is the problem here. 

Camera Shake

This happens when we are holding the camera in our hands. Unless you are or have been a sniper, even when our hands are steadiest, there might still be some camera shake. 

It is especially the case with long focal distances. The longer we go, the more hand camera shake will be. 

camera shake

How to Avoid Camera Shake

So, how do we get around this? How do we avoid the camera shake? How to we take sharp photos every time?

There is a simple rule that will help you to even forget how a blurry picture looks like. Here it is:

The shutter speed needs to be at least as fast as the lens is long. 

Now, let me explain this further. 

Say you have a focal distance of 100mm. In order to avoid camera shake, you need to have a shutter speed of at least 100/1. To be safe it is better to go even faster with the shutter speed. 

The camera shake happens especially at longer focal distances. You are more likely to get camera shake at 200mm that you are to get at 50mm. Even if you go as high as 200mm or even 300mm, the same rule still applies: your shutter speed needs to be at least as fast as the lens is long. 

Of course, this rule has an impact on what your other settings, like aperture and ISO. But, as other limitations, this one will get you to think more creatively about the shots you take. 

When I discovered this rule I was so excited and from the moment I’ve begun applying it the blurry photos due to camera shake were gone almost forever (every now and then I forget about this and get a blurry photo). 

I hope this was of great use to you and will help you not to get any other blurry photos because of the annoying camera shake and always take sharp photos.  

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