What is the Best Camera to Buy as a Beginner Photographer in 2023

So, you want to start your photography journey? That’s awesome! You are on a great and exciting path. But one of the first questions and unknowns when it comes to photography is: what camera should you buy? Your first camera is a pretty big buy (even not as big as the high-end cameras), and you want to be wise when picking your first DSLR camera. Let’s find out what is the best camera for a beginner photographer

What is the best camera for a beginner?

If you are just thinking about learning photography, and are not all in learning, then I would recommend staying away from buying a camera for the moment. As I’ve said earlier, buying a camera is not a small buy, and is not a very wise financial decision if you will decide that you want to give up photography (and also, I’ll be really sad to see you go!).

So, the ‘real’ first camera you should have is your smartphone camera. Yes, you’ve read it right. I’m not crazy and let me tell you why this is a good decision. If you have a mid-range or a high-end phone (which might as well be the case), your phone has a really good camera. And you can use your phone to learn the most fun part of photography, which is composition.

By the way, here is an awesome article I’ve written on the rule of thirds in composition, and here is one where I talk about the leading lines composition rule. So, go check them out and learn.

Here’s the reason why I recommend this first. If you go straight into the technical aspects of photography, like Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO, you might get frustrated and find learning photography hard. The technical aspects of photography are a bit more complicated, and if you start there you will be disheartened in the case you don’t understand them so easily.

That’s why I recommend starting learning photography with composition, and only after that go to the technical aspects of photography. This way you will take great photos before you will know using a DSLR Camera.

Okay, so you have already learned the composition, or you already know some photography and you want to head into the technical parts. Here are the best cameras to buy as a beginner photographer.

Best Cameras for Beginner Photographers

Best Nikon Camera for a Beginner Photographer

This camera is the camera I’ve started learning photography on (well, it was an older version, but it was this series)

Nikon D5600 (with a kit lens)

Nikon d5600 best nikon camera for beginner photographers

This is an excellent entry-level camera, and you can get it at an excellent price. Also, because it is an entry-level camera it comes with a kit lens too, so, no extra money spent on lenses (except, of course, if you want to buy some more down the line).

This is a perfect camera that will help you get started with photography. Usually, it’s price will go around $700 to $800. You can check the price on Amazon here.

Best Canon Camera for Beginner Photographers

I don’t have personal experience with Canon cameras (I’m a Nikon guy), but if you prefer to go the Canon route, this might be the perfect camera for you as a beginner photographer.

Canon EOS 850D / Rebel T8i Digital

Canon EOS 850D / Rebel T8i Digital best canon camera for beginner photographers

This is a great entry-level Canon camera that will help you get started learning the technical aspects of photography and also getting you incredible good photos. It is a lightweight and easy-to-use camera that makes it perfect for first-time users.

This one has 45 focus points all cross-type AF system, Face and Eye Detection with Auto Focus, and, of course, high-speed continuous shooting, up to 7 frames per second. With this one you can not only go with photo, but you can also go with video if you want to.

Here is a great kit that is sold on Amazon by Canon which not only has the Canon EOS 850D camera, but also 2 additional lenses to the kit lens, and even a flash, a tripod, and a camera bag. Perfect to jump start your photography journey.

Best Mirrorless Camera for Beginner Photographers

You don’t have to have a DSLR to learn photography. You can choose a mirrorless camera that will have a great performance for your needs. Those cameras do not have a mirror in their construction, so their viewfinder is electronic. The best thing about these cameras is that you will see how the photo looks before you take the photo. This makes them the best cameras for someone who starts learning photography.

So, here is the camera that I think is a best for starters.

Sony Alpha A6100 Mirrorless Camera

Sony Alpha A6100 Mirrorless Camera the best mirrorless camera for beginner photographers

This one is one of the best cameras out there. It has great performance when it comes to both taking photos and recording video (you can record 4K videos with this bad boy). Needless to say, it is a great choice if you are a beginner photographer.

One great feature it has is the Wi-Fi connection. That means you can send the photos you take straight to your smartphone as you are on the field. So, earlier Instagram posting for you :).

If you want to check this out, here is a link to Amazon.


Those have been 3 cameras (4 actually if you want to count the smartphone one) that will do great for you as a beginner photographer. But remember, experience and style make a great photographer, not his gear. Don’t forget that you need to always be learning.

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