How to Learn Photography at Home

These days we were all stuck inside and our photography learning might have been impaired. But we need not worry about it. Even if we are stuck in our homes, or we can’t travel far to take photos, there are still plenty of ways to learn photography at home.

Actually, there are so many ways to practice photography at home that, if we take advantage of these times, we will become better photographers for sure. Just as we have talked in an older article, limitations make us become better – check out the article here.

Here are a few photography disciplines that you could practice. 

This will not be an extensive guide on each and every practice, but just a few ideas to get you started to think about how you can learn photography at home.

Learn Food Photography

Because of the lockdown, we have to cook more, whether we like it or not. But why not use this to our learning advantage. For example, my wife and I started to make many cooking experiments (such as bread making or fermenting veggies).

Just take the food that you cook, make a nice plate, and fill Instagram with all of your new food photos. Needless to say that this will improve your attention to detail, as it is highly required for food photography. 

Learn Real Estate Photography (interior and exterior)

Regardless you live in a big house or a small apartment, you can learn a lot about shooting interiors and/or exteriors of buildings. You can learn a lot about how to make a room or a house look best in pictures. 

Start with your own house and, if you can, go also to our friends’ houses and ask them to let you photograph theirs. 

Those would be great pieces in your portfolio.

Learn Portrait Photography (indoor and exterior)

learn portrait photography at home

This one is quite obvious. Photograph your spouse, photograph your parents, photograph your kids even. Not only that, but try as many poses as you can. Look for inspiration as much as you can and try to go as creative as possible. This one might have the most potential and will have a great impact not only on your photography skills but also on your communication skills. 

Learn Pet Photography

If you have pets, this one is a must. This is a sibling discipline of portrait photography but is for pets. You might just call it ‘Pet Portrait Photography’. Regardless of what you have (a dog, a cat, a parrot, or a lizard) you need to try this. 

Who knows, maybe your friends after seeing your pictures will want you to take photos of their pets too after this is all over. 

Lifestyle Photography

learn lifestyle photography at home

Lifestyle photography is on the middle road between portrait photography (where all is directed by the photographer) and documentary photography (where nothing is directed by the photographer as he will only document). You can try this with your siblings, your parents, or even with your spouse. You could make a project called “A day in the quarantine”. Of course, this goes hand in hand with portrait photography.

Still Life Photography

We all have interesting stuff lying around our homes. You could take some old items, some new items, some pieces of jewelry and take great photos of them. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • a coffee or tea mug
  • some old camera or lens 
  • anything with a vintage look to it
  • some books?
  • desk/workspace (check out desk photos on Instagram, some are really awesome)
  • if you have bought some new gear (new camera or lens, or some tech) you could try out some product photography style shoots


The lockdown doesn’t need to be a stop for us. We can just as well learn photography at home. There are a lot of photography styles we can explore and get better at. This was a shortlist to get your ideas rolling. What other photography styles do you think of learning at home?

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